Friday, 27 June 2014

The new age future ready Zenphone 5 from ASUS

A mere glimpse of the future is thrilling and holds the seeds of imagination that could blossom to make our lives simple and manageable with a phone that we are used to carrying everywhere. Taking a leaf from sci-fi flicks, gadgets will shape up to meet the needs of the busy life for the people of 21st century. You would have definitely heard of rovers flying off a pizza to your rooftop within seconds of ordering it as well as would have known of eye scanners that help personalize advertising on hoardings as one passes through them, but a rarity would be the mobile that would work to your command and make sure that you do not have to look anywhere else.

Mobile phone that opens up your garage door as you enter the premises, help locate your car keys and long lost merchandise, manage the inventory to your warehouse, help you command your microwave to heat up the dish, make the coffee maker blend the perfect concoction are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new age mobile phone.

Mobile phone that acts as a remote, helps you sync you travel itinerary with the car GPS so that the car can choose the fastest way to get there would be a perfect tool to de-cluttering your busy life. A mobile phone that finds hurdles to road blocks that keep you from reaching office would help ease your stress a little bit. A mobile phone would come handy in a new age home with all types of gadgets. It would help you turn on mood lighting, choose between a love song and a hard rock, help throw the curtains open or dim the room settings without even getting up from your couch. A perfect mobile device would beep a reminder to the favorite football match that you can never afford to miss. The phone would aggregate everything and provide personalized solutions that you manage your life without any irregularity.

Want to visit the hill station that you heard about, just click in the details and phone would bring alive images of weather forecast and help you plan your journey without any iota of oversight. The mobile would help you pick the perfect dress from your wardrobe for that evening party and also help you send invitation to your friend circle when you plan one yourself. It will help you decide the best takeaway restaurant in your locality that would suit your taste buds and the one of your friends just by looking at their preferences on social sites.
The new age device would come loaded with 3D gaming with a superior experience that would provide a real world experience. The phone would help you keep up your health regime and make sure to keep you proactive. It will communicate you about your lifestyle and help you make simple changes to help you save time and energy. Wouldn't it be great if you are saved from a drastic health problem just by molding your lifestyle a little bit? It will also help save you from constant nagging from your better half and keep you on your toes. It will warn you to pick your clothes from the dry cleaner, get new toothpaste and go visit your doctor for that eye check up you had been avoiding due to your laziness.

The mobile phone is a necessity that you need desperately to keep up with the latest. A mobile that constantly evolves as you age and becomes a perfect companion is worth investing into. A good device is much more than browsing or playing games and should help you manage your life without investing into a secretary. Make sure to buy one that is future ready and worth carrying everywhere.

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