Friday, 27 June 2014

The new age future ready Zenphone 5 from ASUS

A mere glimpse of the future is thrilling and holds the seeds of imagination that could blossom to make our lives simple and manageable with a phone that we are used to carrying everywhere. Taking a leaf from sci-fi flicks, gadgets will shape up to meet the needs of the busy life for the people of 21st century. You would have definitely heard of rovers flying off a pizza to your rooftop within seconds of ordering it as well as would have known of eye scanners that help personalize advertising on hoardings as one passes through them, but a rarity would be the mobile that would work to your command and make sure that you do not have to look anywhere else.

Mobile phone that opens up your garage door as you enter the premises, help locate your car keys and long lost merchandise, manage the inventory to your warehouse, help you command your microwave to heat up the dish, make the coffee maker blend the perfect concoction are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new age mobile phone.

Mobile phone that acts as a remote, helps you sync you travel itinerary with the car GPS so that the car can choose the fastest way to get there would be a perfect tool to de-cluttering your busy life. A mobile phone that finds hurdles to road blocks that keep you from reaching office would help ease your stress a little bit. A mobile phone would come handy in a new age home with all types of gadgets. It would help you turn on mood lighting, choose between a love song and a hard rock, help throw the curtains open or dim the room settings without even getting up from your couch. A perfect mobile device would beep a reminder to the favorite football match that you can never afford to miss. The phone would aggregate everything and provide personalized solutions that you manage your life without any irregularity.

Want to visit the hill station that you heard about, just click in the details and phone would bring alive images of weather forecast and help you plan your journey without any iota of oversight. The mobile would help you pick the perfect dress from your wardrobe for that evening party and also help you send invitation to your friend circle when you plan one yourself. It will help you decide the best takeaway restaurant in your locality that would suit your taste buds and the one of your friends just by looking at their preferences on social sites.
The new age device would come loaded with 3D gaming with a superior experience that would provide a real world experience. The phone would help you keep up your health regime and make sure to keep you proactive. It will communicate you about your lifestyle and help you make simple changes to help you save time and energy. Wouldn't it be great if you are saved from a drastic health problem just by molding your lifestyle a little bit? It will also help save you from constant nagging from your better half and keep you on your toes. It will warn you to pick your clothes from the dry cleaner, get new toothpaste and go visit your doctor for that eye check up you had been avoiding due to your laziness.

The mobile phone is a necessity that you need desperately to keep up with the latest. A mobile that constantly evolves as you age and becomes a perfect companion is worth investing into. A good device is much more than browsing or playing games and should help you manage your life without investing into a secretary. Make sure to buy one that is future ready and worth carrying everywhere.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Food preparations that make you weak in your knees

Italians must have been left drooling seeing the trendsetting kitchenware products available in the market. That lip smacking food is only half as good if it not served in a presentable manner. You don’t need to look any further than to pick your favorite chef working around the layers to make the food look desirable and worth pouncing one at a mere glance.

While cooking remains a hobby and passion for not only Italians, much has transpired to make your delicacy worth waiting to be prepared with dedication and precision. However chefs and housewives working to carve out rarities in the world of cuisine have always wanted equally stunning and functional kitchen accessories be it serveware or cookware to add a dash of glamour to the already acclaimed mouth watering delights.

While chefs and food fanatics have everything up their sleeves to pull out a stunner every time, it is the presentation that leaves people with bitter memories. Not any more with world class serveware from the house of borosil that is a household name, which has brought stunning designs of products be it bowls or plates, casseroles, trendy trays and microwavable utensils. The amount of dedication and expertise that goes into making these products look unique, exceptional and purposeful is what makes BOROSIL a world class leader that can fulfill your need to serve your sumptuous delicacy to guest and win their rave reviews.

Borosil products are sturdy to stand the test of time and are prepared to match your culinary skills. Beautiful design and crystal clear products from a marquee brand is a must have when it comes to crockery and serveware. Every element of design and manufacturing ensures that the product goes well with the food and is able to present your delicacy with finesse and aplomb.

Precision is not a need but a necessity with connoisseurs and world class travelers expecting the best when it comes to food. It is no different in any home with access to cooking channels beaming across preparations from chefs worldwide. With borosil, you can add perfection to your food and serve it to the delight of the guest. While we regard a home to be a heaven and our guest to be god sent, there is no better way to show your respect than to serve them in a princely manner.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Its time to transform with ASUS transformed T100

The age of multi-tasking has already taken a toll on many a device that preached to be a one for all taking care of rigors of a 24*7 connected world and the unique aspirations it brings forth for the new generation. From a avid programmer developing methodical coding to cash in on the next billion dollar idea on one end as well as playing that adrenaline gushing need for speed game on the same device, something just didn’t work meticulously and brought the system crashing down in a matter of seconds.  On the other hand a page 3 socialite catching up with friends opened up so many chat windows that the system caved in to the humongous pressure. What the device makers spending fortunes on marketing spend forgot was that their offering had to be forward looking and be able to provide a processor that could meet the expectations of a generation that gets bored easily.

Apart from being a safety locker for storing files and important documents, the new age device should be able to help a person connect through different social networks at a click of a button, be able to play favorite videos without slowing down the system. The device should be able to provide exceptional multimedia experience while playing the favorite game without letting the device catch common cold. I would definitely love a transformed T100 screen that is all purpose whether it is about opening a PDF file or editing a presentation anywhere without needing to look for any other options. A T100 that understands that this fast moving generation needs more whether it is about space to download stuff or nifty things like managing schedules, setting reminders or aggregating important information so that I do not forget to wish my friends on any special occasions. A great device would something that can be customized from the home screen to a device that acts as an alter ego would be a perfect companion worth carrying.  

Apart from being a touch screen super responsive system , T100 would help connect me to the world through conferencing and make sure to play its part without any glitches and make me forget about the harrowing experiences I have had in the past managing my multidimensional life. 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

SEO services at affordable costs

Statistics in favor of employment of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Business follow different advertising strategies to get closer to the customer and imprint their brand name in the conscious of their mindset.

  • A search engine can ideally generate 5-20 % of the traffic for any business only when the website ranks at the top of search engine queries through which the customer can directly hit the website and find the relevant information and service.
  • Small businesses with limited resources in the developed countries employ search engine techniques to increase their reach and market themselves at the least of costs.
  • Being ranked at the top of search engines give you an incentive to touch the customer before anyone else and convert them into a paid customer through your convincing skills and quality business services.
  • The return on investment through web marketing is found to be the lowest compared to any medium of communication.
  • With the young population joining the workforce, newspapers and tele-media are loosing their significance because of lack of time with the audiences. It is also very difficult to pinpoint the advantage and revenue growth through these mediums. Internet thus becomes the only source through which a relationship can be generated.
  • With smartphones and higher bandwidth speed, new age customer is spoilt for choice and will take a quick decision through the palm of their hand rather than looking for an advertising in the television. It is therefore important to be available at the platform for getting preference.
  • A website is the best last mile connectivity channel which is open from both ends of the buyer and seller giving quick turnaround time for businesses. 
  • You can hire SEO services for as low as $100 and build an advertising campaign for increasing your presence.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Step into the future with Iphone 5

The most anticipated device of the millennium is about to be launched to the dismay of the competition that is far lagging behind in the resources as well as enthusiasm that an IPhone generates. The Iphone 5 is going to have a very striking design as well as application features that make any hardware device worthwhile to invest into.
You will be definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to the extended features that can be added to the phone. The largest developer community ensures that they keep juggling out amazing applications to make your experience penultimate.
So pull up your socks and set your date beforehand with the iphone 5 so that you can be the first ones to grab the phone and show it off to the world. The revolutionary Iphone is going to be launched amid fanfare with a stylish interface and exceptional computing power so that you do not feel the need to carry your laptops or Ipads everywhere.
The best source of Iphone5 applications platform that is specially meant to send you into the future and guarantee that you see the world as it will be in advance will make your device a complete package giving you ultimate power to personalize your world.   

Sunday, 26 August 2012

How One man intends to take on the corruption that is eating Indian economy insidiously?

A billion plus population going about its life listlessly in utter chaos called India wakes up whenever our morning newspaper scream of a scam perpetrated on its general public with the public resources by the very people we have elected to guard them and ensure that they are invested for our brighter future.
India is a hotbed of politician-business nexus where most of the top people are connected or work in collusion to strip the country of its economic resources that are meant to be developed from the taxes that a service class man pays honestly. From coal-gate to the telecom spectrum scams, skeletons come tumbling out of closet on the politicians who are high ranked and hold many important strategic portfolios of the country.
The license raj is morphed into politicians creating scarcities or extracting money out of scarce resources for the return they invest into campaigning for getting seat from their respective constituencies. The game of money is a reminder of how we are being plundered by few men and their beneficial causes. It is however hurting that the general public that is not in any manner interested or a part of this looting scheme. They believe that their hard earned money should go into the development of the country and help us reach to a status of being called a developed country.
One ingenuous man called ANNA HAZARE has taken up on himself to bring these politicians to book without any threat or violence but a simplest way of Gandhian fasting and being heard. He influences the young generation to not become accustomed to usual pattern in which India is governed and fight for the right and privilege of getting a right to information. He plans to follow the method of forming his party with clean and honest candidates and become a part of the system to the see the change we all wish for a healthy and democratic country. It is up to us to support the right cause and be a part of change that will propel us into the next century with confidence and self –assurance.
With the young restless population wanting to be a part of moment it can become successful only when the candidates are picked and ballots are cast for forming this desired party and taking it to the height where they do not need support of coalition or others to form a government majority. So let us all contribute to see that this one man army is successful and proves to be elixir for our long standing problems. 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

How Hotel Biz is taken over by Private Equity?

Capital has become the most important commodity and the scarcest one. No business man wants to keep his capital fixed.
If REIT (real estate investment trusts) are given approval hotel biz will be taken over by fixed income mutual funds.REIT’s in residential and commercial will be difficult because the rental yields are 2-3% and 10-12% resp.
PE-pool of small investment money put together for a common goal.
From the buying of land to building it is done by private equity and then it is leased to a brand name which will give a fixed %age of return (Local brands can use this opportunity for building their name and using it to get listed on the exchange)
If the expected rate of return on a fixed deposit is 12%,2% is added as expense cost and 1% overhead expenses( + 3 years of building a hotel) minimum return( can go as high as 18-21%) is expected to cover these out of the lease.
The land/Property remains with the investors while getting a fixed rate of return. The maintenance expenses are borne by the brand to which it is leased.